Asia Pacific Travel & Tourism Report Launched

Asia Pacific Travel & Tourism Report March 2021

The new monthly Asia Pacific Travel & Tourism Report is jointly produced by Gary BowermanDr Jaeyeon Choe and Michelle Dy.

The debut issue was mailed out to subscribers of Asia Travel Re:Set on 28 March.

Published on the final Sunday of each month, we’ll review the 15 top travel talking points from across the region, plus developments that drifted under the radar. 

Countries featured in Issue 1 include China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines, Seychelles, Thailand & South Korea. 

Hot topics discussed range from vaccine diplomacy, digital currencies and cruise port sales to airline bankruptcies, rural and wellness tourism and – of course – travel bubbles!

Here’s the Content list for Issue 1:

Might Seychelles Become the New Maldives?

India was the No. 1 source market for Maldives in 2020, but a new India-Seychelles air bubble promises a boom for the newly reopened island enclave.

From Maldives & Seychelles to… Indonesia

A major investor from the UAE, which counts luxury resorts in Seychelles and Maldives, is setting its sights on Indonesia.

Why Fewer Airline Bankruptcies than Expected?

Last year, pundits predicted a doomsday scenario for airlines but it hasn’t happened (yet). Why not?

Rethinking the Money Model in Cambodia

The Bakong national digital currency system now counts 5.6 million users – does it offer a new e-payment model for mid-sized countries?

What’s the Future for Mass Tourism? 

Tourism Ministers often talk about “quality” and “high-value” tourists, so does this mean mass market tourists will be priced out of certain destinations?

Cruise Port Reshuffle in Malaysia

Financially troubled Bousted Holdings cuts its cruise port losses saying the cruise sector will struggle to rebuild in the near future.

Should the Private Sector Procure Vaccines?

Are vaccines global public goods? If so, should their distribution be left to governments even if private initiatives may expedite the rollout speed? 

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China Unveils its International Travel Health Certificate

As the world’s most coveted ‘comeback’ travel market, China holds leverage amid the swathe of digital travel health solutions trialled last month.

The New Diplomacy Game in Town: Vaccines

April will be an interesting month to see whether China’s vaccine diplomacy benefits Chinese vaccines, especially given global supply shortages.

Can ‘Rural Tourism’ Revitalise Off-Track Destinations?

The post-pandemic era could see a surge in rural tourism, which was largely unloved by destination marketers before Asia’s enforced travel pause.

The Old Bali Model is Gone! What’s Next?

Pre-2020, Bali was a global case study in presenting itself as a high-profile tourism retreat, but what if travellers look elsewhere in future?

Will Wellness Tourism Kickstart a Recovery?

As the COVID-19 travel stasis drags on, mental health is a global issue and Asia Pacific is no exception. Does this offer opportunities for wellness travel?

Domestic Tourism: Can it Become Sexy Again?

Domestic travel promotional strategies seem to have reached a natural limit in some countries. Is it possible to re-revitalise homegrown travel?

Travel Bubbles 2.0.: Taiwan Makes a Move

Taiwan and Palau are an unlikely travel bubble pairing, but is there anything to glean about the planning of future bubbles in Asia Pacific?

Rebuilding Resilience to Future Shocks

The IMF’s new Policy Advice to Asia in the COVID-19 Era white paper sets out a selection of economic models for rebuilding tourism across the region.

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