New Asia Pacific Travel & Tourism Report

Asia Pacific Travel & Tourism Stakeholder Report

The new monthly Asia Pacific Travel & Tourism Report launches on 28 March 2021.

Asia Travel Re:Set is delighted to team up with two brilliant Asia-based travel and tourism analysts, Dr Jaeyeon Choe and Michelle Dy.

Together, we will produce an easy-to-read monthly report for decision makers in business and leisure travel, aviation, hospitality, tourism, travel retail, e-commerce & travel technology.

Each month, Gary, Michelle and Jaeyeon will analyse – and place in context – the consequential developments in aviation, travel and tourism policy, trade and economic strategy, investment and M&As, transport infrastructure and environmental regulation.

We promise no hype or spin. No forecasting or speculation. Just context-rich analysis.

The monthly report will span Asia Pacific, including China, North East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We will also cover influential markets, such as India, Russia, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Key themes we will address, include:

  • Inbound, Outbound & Domestic Travel

  • Economic Policy & Key Indicators

  • Aviation Regulation & Airline Operations

  • Travel Sector Investment, Start-Ups & M&As

  • Government Tourism Policy & Strategy

  • Environmental Regulation & Policy

  • Rural & Community Development Projects

  • Transport Infrastructure Development & Project Financing

The Asia Pacific Travel & Tourism Report will be published as part of the Asia Travel Re:Set newsletter on the final Sunday of each month. A pdf version will also be available to download on this website.

To subscribe to the report for free – CLICK HERE

About the Team

Based in Malaysia, Michelle Dy is a regulatory lawyer with extensive experience in policy research and public affairs in the Asia-Pacific region. She is also a published author of several academic journal papers and book chapters on cutting-edge issues in aviation.

Based in South Korea, Dr Jaeyeon Choe is Senior Academic at Bournemouth University in the UK and a South East Asia Tourism Consultant specialising in sustainable community development, poverty alleviation and migration.

Based in Malaysia, Gary Bowerman is Director of Check-in Asia, a Hong Kong-based travel intelligence & strategic marketing firm. Co-host of The South East Asia Travel Show and author of The New Chinese Traveler, he is a media commentator and speaker on Asian travel economics and consumer trends.

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