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China Outbound Tourism Handbook 2023: 88 Practical Ways to Prepare for the New Wave of Chinese Visitors, by Gary Bowerman & Wolfgang Georg Arlt

Asia Travel Re:Set‘s Gary Bowerman will be co-author of this new handbook to be published in the Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit.

Throughout the 2010s, China was the world’s most influential tourism source market. Chinese airlines flew to all corners of the planet. Global carriers launched flights from cities across this vast nation. By the end of the decade, Chinese tourists had transformed the way the global travel industry operated, financed and marketed itself. The pandemic abruptly halted travel activity in February 2020, and brought a three-year disruption to Chinese outbound travel. 

Now, as global tourism recovers, governments, tourism authorities and travel industry businesses on every continent are rethinking how to inspire and engage Chinese tourist. However, the needs, expectations and behavioural influences of the new wave of Chinese visitors have changed. Innovative thinking is needed across the travel industry.

The China Outbound Tourism Handbook 2023 helps readers to place in context the rapid expansion of Chinese domestic and outbound travel over the last decade. It explores the dramatic changes within China over the past three years – and guides readers to view Chinese tourism through a dynamic new lens for an unfolding new era of travel.

88 Essential Topics

The China Outbound Tourism Handbook 2023 is organised in an innovative way. The book alphabetically lists 88 key topics which influence the new wave of Chinese outbound tourism. Each entry ends with three bullet points offering directly applicable actions to help travel businesses tailor their products and services to meet the new needs and aspirations. 

2 Leading China Tourism Authorities

The China Outbound Tourism Handbook 2023 is written by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt and Gary Bowerman. These two leading authorities count decades of experience in the field. They regularly interact with travel industry leaders in China, Asia and worldwide. Artwork and editorial support are provided by Mrs. Zheng Rong.

Prof. Arlt is CEO of the COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute. Gary Bowerman is Director of Check-in Asia and Founder of Asia Travel Re:Set. Both are regular speakers at international conferences, and are frequently interviewed by leading media organisations on all continents. They write and publish widely on Chinese and Asian travel developments, and research the developing consumer and travel trends across China and worldwide. 

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ISBN: 978-3-944757-21-6

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