2023 China Outbound Tourism Handbook Published in 5 Languages

China Outbound Tourism Handbook 5 Languages

The 2023 China Outbound Tourism Handbook is published in 5 languages. Readers can choose from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Is your business ready for the challenges and opportunities presented by Chinese tourism in 2023 and beyond?

This 204-page Handbook provides practical insights and advice for businesses on every continent as a new era in tourism unfolds.

The Handbook is written specifically for the global travel and tourism industry. It introduces the vital drivers of the first 25 years of Chinese outbound tourism since 1997, and assesses the outlook up to 2030. The main section is divided into 88 key themes.

Each of the 88 sections features a quick-read summary at the beginning and up-to-date commentary. Three bullet-point takeaways at the end of each section are directly applicable actions. These are written to help travel, tourism and hospitality businesses tailor their products, services and marketing to meet the new needs and aspirations of Chinese travellers.

The Handbook also features citations and references from 48 countries, and 25 Chinese cities and provinces.

The 2023 China Outbound Tourism Handbook: 88 Practical Ways to Prepare for the New Wave of Chinese Visitors is co-written by Wolfgang Georg Arlt and Asia Travel Re:Set‘s Gary Bowerman. It addresses the pivotal issues around Chinese Business Travel & MICE, Free Independent Travel (FIT), Package & Semi-organised Tours, Student Travel and Visit Friends & Relatives (VFR), plus much more.

Readers will be able to explore the dramatic changes within China over the past three years – and view Chinese tourism through a new lens. They can also explore the emerging travel, technology, fashion, branding, retail, marketing and lifestyle trends in China.

Reviews of the 2023 China Outbound Tourism Handbook include:

“My sincere and warm congratulations to the authors on the great insights and the deep and timely body of knowledge on the Chinese tourism recovery in general and on Chinese outbound in particular. It is a delightful read and even for me a learning curve to update myself of my own home country,” Xu Jing, Vice Chairman, Global Tourism Economy Research Centre, Former Regional Director of Asia and the Pacific for the UNWTO.

“[The] guide’s very auspicious number of subsections run from Adventure Tourism (“From crossing glass-bottomed bridges high above river valleys and ziplining on mountainsides to kayaking on frothing rivers and skydiving, post-1990s tourists are ready to embrace the fear factor”) to Zheng He. The info is necessary because China will probably soon regain its crown as the biggest travel source market in the world,” Mark Footer, Travel Editor, South China Morning Post.

“This publication is timely, meaningful and astute. Are we prepared for a return of Chinese travellers? Certainly not. But it’s never too late. This awesome endeavour by Prof. Wolfgang Georg Arlt and Gary Bowerman is a great start to be more China-ready,” Raini Hamdi, Business and Travel Journalist and Founder of Hotels-Asia.

Click below to grab your copy of the 2023 China Outbound Tourism Handbook: 88 Practical Ways to Prepare for the New Wave of Chinese Visitors in your preferred language:

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